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Welcome to the Paperball Z Domain! This site is devoted to Paperball Z. Check out all the expansions and especially the downloads page. Oh yeah, check out the ONLINE section, its kinda cool. Also I'm making a Paperball Z 3, if you wanted to know.


Today's PBZ saying: "Just to calrify, I'm stronger
than you and you know it!"- Akira to Majin Boo

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Right, for most of you this will be the first time you have come across 'Paperball Z', it all started in my Middle School. I (Online name 'Hiragana Dragon') was bored one day, probabally the Second last day or something, you know, where you have to make all kinds of crud and sing songs and have 'parties'. Anyway, me and my friend (Online name 'Atikio') had this fight where 2 people were fighting in a cave (Why a cave I ask myself now?) Of course, the 2 people, being are current character's counter parts, Akira and Atikio. The thing is, it didn't have any rules, it was just fun. My other friend (Zero Beat) had all ready made a game ('Paper Scope', if you ever hear about it) he decided to steal our idea and make REAL rules for it. He came back with a good combat system, better than ours. But the real Boom was on the train, down on a school trip to London. I had bought a 'Jotter' type book from the school shop (Only 30p) I decided to expand the rules, make it more saga based. And on that train that day, the 'Legend' game was made. We named it Paperball Z 2. Me (Hiragana Dragon or Akira) and 3 of my friends (Atikio, King Will Macaan and Kalath) played that game for, what, it must have 4 hours that day, maybe more. We loved it! I of course got all the praise for it, though I do praise Zero Beat, for his great Battle System (Thanx Mate!) that I couldn't of done without.
Then, once the rules found problems, I had to expand. I wrote new rules, new races and new training methods. I called this expansion, 'Paperball Z Future' (After JSRF, that I had just got) this game turned out to be a success too! Not as much as Paperball Z 2 though, but still it advanced combat and our characters.
Then I created a much quicker game of Paperball Z. 'Paperball Z Long Live the Saiyans', this made players take turns in 1000s rather than 1s. This was success while it boomed, but later became rejected, by the newer version, probabally the peoples favourite version. 'Paperball Z Kai World'
Kai World was a game that was fun, (Though there was obviously arguments) easy to play, and just a laugh really. It was great, I was the Grand Supreme Kai, ruler of All heavens, and 4 of my Friends where Supreme Kai's (Kaioshins). This game worked out great, untill 1 day, Atikio, the North Kai was betrayed by all the other Kais, and they ended up blowning up the whole of Heaven, with King Will Macaan's Clones Ultra Attack. Well that messed it up. What was I meant to do? It took to long to start again, so, I left it. The game was over.
Next came Hidden Neon Genesis Paperball Z. Some Saiyan haters didn't like the Super Saiyan, as most other race's transformations were, how can I put this, 'a bit poor' (More like absolutely crap), so I made a Transformation that all races could use. Neon Genesis! (Taken from Evangelion of course) This was an easy power up for all. Then they were happy that Saiyans COULD be beaten.
After this I wrote Paperball 0, though no one else has ever seen the rules apart from me. This was quite a poor rule set I must admit, as My brain was on Mind Freeze. I couldn't think of anything else about DBZ that I could add. So, I added things from Unreal Tournament instead. This expansion really did suck. Though it payed it's tole to Paperball Z 2003.
Right after I finished churning out rules for Unrealball Z (LOL) I thought of Kai World, the good days, the happy days. I remebered the Tiredness rules and Good and Bad Rules and thought I'd expand on them, to Incorparate them into a game like HNGPBZ. So I wrote Paperball Z Pain and Honour. It was okay, I saw Gohan vs Majin Boo, and Saw how pumelled Gohan was getting, so, I thought I could add some 'Pain' rules in. They are great. Though no one has ever heard of Pain and Honour, as it just adds into a Massive project that I was working on......
...........Paperball Z 2003! This was all the rules combined in 1, with some new ones! Oh its great, go to the downloads section now if you haven't allready got the rules. Anyway it plays great with a commited, experinced Games Master. Try it its REALLY GOOD!
In the future, and I hope you will all help me with this, I'm gonna make An Online version, so we can play with people we don't know. Importing existing recorded characters, playing the game with other Paperball Z Veterens. I hope to write more rules for races, more combat and maybe more Character creation! (Theres too much allready! Someone shouts behind me)
Anyway, have fun!
Hiragana Dragon


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